Years ago, JJ looked for a class to empower teens to grow up and break the cycle of family poverty that had been handed down from generation to generation.  The only classes out there were sponsored by banks and credit card companies and, guess what? They taught teens how to “use credit wisely” and how personal loans are a great way to achieve the desired lifestyle! What a great way to condition their future customers to consider debt as a normal part of life.  JJ wrote her OWN course for young people on how money works!

JJ wants you to live “abnormally” so you can have Abnormal Abundance!  It is possible to live debt free!  To drive debt free!  To go to college debt free!  JJ teaches you how to get free money for college and how to achieve financial independence before age 30. Instead of paying for debt service, you’ll be free to follow your calling, live out your dream, and change the world!  YOU CAN WIN WITH MONEY!

This 10 part virtual course includes:

Weekly Content (self-paced) and optional Monthly Live Calls
Lesson 1: How Money Moves
Lesson 2: Compound Interest /Time Value of Money
Lesson 3: What is (and isn’t) an Investment?
Lesson 4: Your “Enough” Point
Lesson 5: Freedom Through Spend Plans
Lesson 6: Saving For The Big Stuff
Lesson 7: Free Money For College
Lesson 8: Credit Card Bondage
Lesson 9: Yes, YOU Can Have a Business!
Lesson 10: Stuff You’ll Care About in 10 Years

If you are a young adult who is TIRED of being broke, you NEED THIS CLASS IN YOUR LIFE! Let JJ show you how to change your financial future, and you just might change the WORLD!

Course is delivered via Vimeo with Self-Paced Content and 6 months access to our optional Live Discussion Call Every 1st Sunday at 5pm EST/4pmCST/3pmMST/2pmPST. All calls are recorded, so you can listen even if you can’t be with us live!

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