It’s Wealth-Building-Wednesday with JJ Conway!

By now you’ve probably seen on the news how a Tornado hit the area where my family is temporarily stationed. I’m thankful we weren’t hit, but buildings 20-30 feet from us were demolished!  They’ve been hit hard an unprecedented 3 years in a row- with little time to recover in between! I took these pictures of the mall and mall pad sites where our Family Life Center is located.

You may also remember from an earlier message how my family has had an unprecedented number of medical and other crazy issues over the last two years – which we are just now climbing out of!  

Both cases highlight the NEED
for a 6 month emergency fund!

Whether it’s your own personal savings or retained earnings for your business THIS ONE CONCEPT will help you recover from a storm just like having candles and MREs* helps you survive the storm! It’s not just getting THROUGH the storm. It’s surviving the AFTERMATH!

Being prepared for the worst also allows you to be able to impact your community to help them HEAL and RECOVER. And that’s exactly what we’re doing!  We’re serving as a staging ground for financial and material donations and we’re still hosting Teen Night and the John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative to help restore a sense of hope in the community.

Each of us has been given a gift.  Please build up your emergency savings so you can make the most of your gift today, even in a time of storm!



PS: Shout back for a free gift if you know what MREs are!

PPS: Sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Join us for the next REAL Success Mentoring Call.  It’s  Thursday, 26 April 2018 at 9:30EST / 8:30CST. We’ll dig deeper into the material I taught on during the last Fireside Chat. If you are in the Tax Sales 101 class, you can dial in with your course credentials. Use CLGI for a neat discount:



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