Bring all of your business ideas and a laptop for maximum impact (but if you don’t have an idea yet OR a laptop, that’s ok… we got you, boo)

– Gain the confidence you need to finally launch!!
– No-Kidding determine what’s a good fit for your personality and situation
– If you already have a business idea, test it against these concepts
– Craft at least one smart-market test you can implement TONIGHT!
– SWOT analysis of your idea
– “Fill-in-the-blanks” Business Plan

About us:

We meet every First Saturday at 10am EST/9am CST in the Pierre Bossier Mall. Each month join us for empowering events/classes that will help you dump debt and build wealth FAST!

June 2018 Meeting: Learn JJ’s 5D Method- 5 steps to massive cashflow! No matter what business you want to start, JJ’s 5D method will help you get money in your pocket in just a few weeks! You’ll learn:

– How to find (or tweak) a business idea to match your personality
– How to generate income quickly
– How to test your ideas against the market
– How to avoid the “top 3 flops”
– JJ’s $50 Marketing plan
– How to divest competing priorities (without hurting people’s feelings)

The main monthly meeting (9amCST/10amEST) is FREE! A follow-on workshop (just $25) will allow you to apply these concepts!

Bring this workshop to your group, church, chamber or organization!



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