It’s Wealth-Building-Wednesday with JJ Conway!

Today I’m going to give you a simple shift in mindset that should put more money in your pocket THIS WEEK!

Bob Procter in “The Secret” and Earl Nightengale in “The Strangest Secret” both made us aware that we are what we think about and what we focus on is what we attract.

Those of you who attended my POP & Play Wealth Mindset saw it in action!

I challenge everyone reading this to, if you haven’t already, begin shifting your money mindset from a place of lack/negativity to a place of abundance!

What would change in your life if you stopped saying “I don’t have enough money,” and started saying, “My wealth hasn’t been released yet.”

When we focus on what we don’t have, we attract more of “not having it.”  When we focus on what we do have, want or are working toward, we attract more of THAT into our lives.

See the chart above for some other examples of a subtle money mindset shift you can make TODAY!



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