October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Today we launched my book, Healing My Sisters, as a fundraiser for the National Domestic Violence Support Hotline.  Domestic Violence was the subject of our Power Hour this afternoon where we walked through how I use the John Maxwell Method of Coaching to help empower victims/survivors of domestic violence.  We outlined how I use questions to help open their eyes and up-level their awareness without seeming judgmental, preachy, directive, or stifling.

It was great!  Until a question about financial/economic abuse got me all in my feels.

Aside: Power Hour happens every Monday at 11:30 CST / 12:30 EST.  It’s a free and and recordings are provided to those in my mentoring program.  Because all Oct shows will cover Domestic Violence, we are providing recordings to everyone subscribed on my list. If you’re interested in a recording, just reach out.

Why did I get so passionate about that question??

You see, economic abuse is the #1 thing that keeps people trapped in the cycle of domestic violence, especially women.  The victim is made to feel like they cannot provide for themselves and/or their family without the abuser.  They may have been heavily pressured to give up working or a career.  They may be on a strict allowance, or feel their partner has so tied up the finances that they’ll never be able to get an education.  In my case, I found that my ex had forged my name on financial documents and somehow removed me from being primary on my own credit and bank accounts.  “How,” I argued with the bank, “Could HE be primary on the account when it was MY account years before I even KNEW him?!?!” You can learn more about financial abuse here: https://nnedv.org/content/about-financial-abuse/

Many of you know my heart is for empowerment – especially financial empowerment.  I love teaching people, especially women, how to invest in real estate.  Real Estate Investing brings a freedom many of us never knew before!  A feeling that we can control our own destiny! For those truly starting out with no money to invest, I teach a few different strategies of no-cost ways to generate a little seed cash, including some that will not be detected by a controlling spouse.  From there (depending on their motivation, available time, and family situation) I might recommend tax certs or wholesaling to generate cash for flips or buy-and-holds.  I prefer a slow-and-steady approach and it may not result in leveraging 100K units in just a year (smile), it does put one financial foot in front of the other.

When someone internalizes what they’ve been told (that they are worthless, useless, and can’t survive on their own) learning that they really CAN make $300/ month with my seed-money strategies is life-changing.  Discovering they can leverage that $300/month into $10K wholesale checks, properties, and such is mind-blowing. Walking alongside them as their mentor and friend is my ultimate fulfillment!

And this is why I say that Real Estate Investing can help overcome Domestic Violence!

Thank you for reading!  You can support victims and survivors of Domestic Violence with a donation to the National Domestic Violence Support Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE (7233)), by buying the Healing My Sisters book (100% of the profits go to the Hotline), or by supporting (as best able) local agencies right there in your backyard.


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