With the holidays upon us, it’s easy to feel like the year is already over, that December is a wasted month. It’s NOT! December is one of the most powerful months of the year! This is the time to set our intention for 2019 and start laying the mental foundation to become the person we want to be and attract the lifestyle we want to have. JJ will take you through scientific principles of attraction and show you how to harness this groundbreaking research for your life!

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We will not only do a vision board, but we will also do a “StickMan” exercise based on the work of Maxwell Maltz. Maltz was a plastic surgeon who discovered that many of his patients were STILL unhappy with their appearance and life even after being “made” beautiful. He researched this phenomenon and discovered that these patients didn’t have an unfulfilling life because of some deformity or some needed physical reconstruction. Even if there WAS a deformity that needed correcting, their quality of life was only tied to that because of their THINKING.

This scientific principle has been verified by many peer-reviewed studies, psycho-analysts, and people like you and me who have gained tremendous confidence, success, and fulfillment in life by applying these principles. I hope you will join me for a VERY special workshop that WILL set you up for incredible success in 2019.

Because we will be crafting, SEATING IS LIMITED! Book your seats ASAP!

About Building Wealth Together: We meet every First Saturday at 9am CST in the Pierre Bossier Mall. Each month join us for empowering events/classes that will help you dump debt and build wealth FAST! Note: we will be MOVING in 2019, so keep an eye out for our new location.


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