How We’re Differet

Your financial plan is customized to  your skills personality and strengths

Financial success is not “one size, fits all.” Our financial plans are as unique as you are!

All Group and Private Clients Receive:


Every 1st Tuesday at 10 am Central via Zoom. Get your money questions answred

2 Free

Choose from JJ’s conferences such as the Women’s Wealth Summit, Juneteenth, etc

Private Facebook Gp

More access to JJ and other VIPs through her paid coaching private facebook group  

Quarterly Masterminds

Every quarter we gather “In the room or on the zoom” to refine client financial plans

The secret of our success

Unlike other financial planners, coaches, and YouTube gurus we have a 93% success rate with our unique Wealth Matrix™ system 


Are you a free-spirit or a nerd? Your approach to money is the foundation of your financial plan


We harness the power of your strengths rather than browbeating you about your weaknesses


Access to JJ is easy. Email or text anytime! You’re more than a number: You’re part of the family!


Your path to financial freedom works 100% of the time for 100% of the people who work it.  

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

JJ’s private coaching gave me clarity on the financial goals I *say* want. I now have the confidence to pursue those goals with intense desire, and harvest the results

Jennie M.

Thank you JJ for this group coaching that shows me I’m not alone, and that I really can build wealth. I’ve been afraid to stand up for myself – not anymore!

Maddie T.

JJ showed me how to start my Nigerian Coaching business without spending any money until I confirmed that my audience was ready t o pay me. Thank you!

Belinda M.

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