What exactly IS Real Estate Wholesaling, anyway?

Easy!  It’s when one investor finds a great deal they won’t (or can’t) close on and sells their interest in that deal to another investor.  JJ’s Wholesaling 101 walks the class through the entire process – from driving to dollars to negotiating with the seller, to getting paid at closing.

In-person workshops include a copy of the contracts that were used. The workbook for sale is excellent for “quick course” on the technique, but does not include a copy of the contracts that were used in real life.

You missed the class? That’s ok! This claw-bound booklet walks you through from start to finish every step you need to make BIG MONEY in real estate without ever actually buying the house. The booklet DOES include key websites, resources, and SECRET hints!  No Cash? No Credit? NO PROBLEM! Follow this step-by-step process and you WILL make money!




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