When I was in college, making $60 a month, I was really, REALLY good with money.  During my first little job where I was making $1,700 a month I was really, REALLY good with money.

Something curious happened when I paid off all my “foolish college kid” debt and started a side-business bringing in $20,000-30,000 a month: I went from teaching people how to manage their money to SPENDING it like there was no tomorrow!

Turns out: I wasn’t *really* good with money back in the day.  I was broke. And broke people are very clever about figuring out how to get by without money.

That’s different from being good with money.

I still remember the day when, a couple months after my divorce, I reluctantly let my friend practice her financial coaching on me.  Thinking to myself, “this will be a waste of my time- I *teach* this stuff!” and also feeling a bit indignant at my situation, “I didn’t know he signed my name to all that debt- it’s not my fault I’m $800K in the hole!” I didn’t expect much to come of it at all.  But she’d just gotten started and needed some clients to practice on.

That day she opened my eyes: I knew what to do, but I was so angry and emotional about my situation that I wasn’t actually DOING any of what I would tell a client to do.  I was wallowing. And wasting thousands of dollars a month doing so!

As long as I believed I was ok, I would never open my eyes to what was really going on.  Beliefs can set us free. Or they can limit us. I hope you will join us Thursday for the next fireside chat where we’ll start off talking about the power of beliefs, and then we will answer your questions.  Register now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fireside-chats-with-jj-conway-build-wealth-dump-debt-leave-a-legacy-tickets-44751772757

After 20 years (next month) in the financial industry, I’m firmly convinced that money problems aren’t actually money problems: They’re people problems.  That’s why I’m one of only an elite handful of financial planners who incorporates John C. Maxwell’s leadership and self-growth content into all of my financial planning sessions. When you work with me, you’re not just getting out of debt: You’re building wealth and leaving a legacy!



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