Because “Money Problems Aren’t Usually Money Problems,” we incorporate personal growth and leadership education into all of our financial planning, coaching, and financial education.

By popular demand, we’ve aligned the weekly “Maxwell Mondays” leadership call with the “Money Mondays” wealth building and Q&A call.  “Maxwell Mondays

Every “Maxwell Mondays” we spend ~20 minutes learning a new Maxwell Leadership Value, with some time for your questions at the end! Learn from the world’s #1 Leadership Expert: Dr. John C. Maxwell! Dial in: (515) 739-1030, ID: 192891499

Afterward, stay on the line for our Money Mondays Call @ 12pm CST/1pm EST!  Every “Money Mondays” we spend about 5 minutes on wealth education and the rest of our time answering your questions! Dial in: (515) 739-1030, ID: 192891499

It’s a POWER HOUR you don’t want to miss!



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