If you’ve dialed in to a recent PowerHour, you know I’m in awe of the work […]
Hey y’all!  I think I’m suffering a bit of writer’s block because I have SOOOO many […]
With the holidays upon us, it’s easy to feel like the year is already over, that […]
Join our club for bi-weekly training, live speaking critiques, world-wide competitions and more! Participating in the Maxwell […]
[inplayer id=”36428″] Access on any device! This is a recording of the 1 Sept Building Wealth […]
[inplayer id=”36257″] Access on any device! Every year there’s a new business opportunity, great idea, or […]
Bring all of your business ideas and a laptop for maximum impact (but if you don’t […]
  Money Blossoms Virtual Course – Downloadable Videos plus optional Monthly Discussion Calls      Years ago, […]
Now that you’ve completed a course, let JJ walk alongside you as you continue in your […]
Recording of 7 Apr 2018 Real Estate Investing 101.  This 8-hour special presentation was a fundraiser […]