Lay a Firm Foundation

Your wealth building journey starts with an honest assessment of your income and expenses. Then, together, we chart out a success plan based on your goals, dreams, and available resources.

Sound financial management doesn’t have to be boring! Wouldn’t it be exciting to do WHAT you want to do, WHEN you want to do it? We like to think of a budget as a “spend plan,” emphasis on the SPEND! It’s fun to spend! It’s even MORE fun to spend when we actually HAVE the money to spend, and can spend it without guilt, stress, or headaches later!

We can guide you through strategies to get out of debt, live according to abundance principles, and to develop a wealth-building plan that is both effective and easy to understand. These skills will also help you bounce back faster from any life-altering situation that may knock you, financially, to the ground.

To lay a firm foundation, we accomplish steps 1-3 of our 7 step plan to financial freedom:

1.    Initial Emergency Fund

2.    Pay Off All Debt

3.    Save 3-6 Months of Expenses in an Emergency Fund

Is wealth really as elusive as is seems? Why struggle so hard to build wealth and provide a better future for my family when it seems like every time I make progress, something bad happens to set me back? Why does it seem like being a nice person and building wealth are mutually exclusive? I’ve wasted away my younger years… is it too late for me to build wealth?

These questions and more are answered through our variety of wealth building seminars and training packages. Contact us TODAY for a free no-obligation, consultation!

Build and Maintain Wealth

It’s not just enough to build wealth! We must maintain it. And we must protect it against the future. We can’t predict the future, but we do know that bad things sometimes happen to even the best of people. Cars break down, people get sick, storms damage homes and businesses, one person’s carelessness alters another’s life forever. A solid financial plan equips you to weather the storm and keep moving forward!

Once you are debt free and have a solid foundation of 3-6 months savings, we work with you to find the best strategies to maintain what you’ve earned. We also look at strategies to continue growing your wealth while securing your future. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to wealth creation and management. Your plan will depend on your personality, risk-taking style, goals, and obligations.

While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” we generally recommend that people in the “build” phase of their financial journey accomplish steps 4 – 6 of our 7 step plan to financial freedom:

4. Invest 15% of Pay For Retirement

5. Fund Kid’s College

6. Pay Off Your Home

Why bother building wealth? Won’t the government take care of me? Why do I need to save for retirement if I KNOW I’m going to work until I die? How can I fund my kid’s college without hurting his/her chances for scholarship? Why should I pay off my home early when the interest rates are so low? Won’t I lose my best tax deduction if I pay off my home early?

These questions and more are answered through our variety of wealth building seminars and training packages. Contact us TODAY for a free no-obligation, consultation!

Live Abundantly!

Once you’ve been freed from financial bondage, and have processes in place to secure your family’s financial future, you are now FREE to live ABUNDANTLY!  You can enjoy life to the fullest and make the most amazing difference in the lives of those around you. You don’t have to wait until you are wealthy, however, to begin living abundantly:  Simply by spending less than you make, you are empowered to enjoy life and be generous throughout ALL steps of our wealth-building plan.

What would you do if all the money you were paying towards debt RIGHT NOW were given to you as free play money each month?  What would you buy for yourself?  Where would you take your family? How would you enrich the lives of those you love?  Who would you help through a tough time?  What organizations would you support?

And what about YOU?  What do YOU want out of life? What wonderful things could YOU have, would YOU experience if money were no object?

Someone discovered that if he saved the money paid to just ONE of his bills every month, he would be able to attend the Super Bowl (plus all the playoff games) every time his team made it!

Someone discovered, once her house was paid off, that not only did she now have the resources to make a difference in the lives of struggling single moms, but she had plenty of money left over to travel the world!

When your financial house is in order, you get to experience an abundant life like no other!  You can give generously at Christmas and have no remorse in January. You can go shopping without hiding the purses and shoes from your spouse! You can also make a difference in your community being able to meet needs that no one else is prepared to.  You’re able to give with a healthy conscious, with no regrets, and with no bitterness afterward.

Those who follow our proven wealth-building process are equipped with the resources to give abundantly and, with no more financial pressure causing stress and distractions, are free to love others. They become a force of good in the community, without sacrificing themselves or their families.

This achievement is captured in the final step of our wealth building plan:  HAVE FUN AND GIVE!

Are YOU ready to trade in the rat-race for an abundant, passionate, life you’ve always wanted?  Then contact us TODAY for a free no-obligation, consultation!



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