Recording of 7 Apr 2018 Real Estate Investing 101.  This 8-hour special presentation was a fundraiser for Kingstowne Family Life Center (to help cover their flood damage bill). They are still accepting donations via our webstore HERE


Have you always wanted to try real estate investing? But don’t want angry plumbing calls in the middle of the night?

There are many ways to make money in real estate without ever owning a property or dealing with “Tenants & Toilets!”

JJ likes being a landlord, but many of us don’t! So c’mon out and learn about bird-dogging, wholesaling, commercial properties, private lending, etc. This 8-week class will give you an overview of 15+ ways to make money in real estate. There’s gonna be at least ONE topic that works for YOUR personality and YOUR current situation!

Get your copy of the live recording Sat 7 April:

Class 1: Intro and Overview
Class 2: Wholesaling (incl. Driving for Dollars)
Class 3: Foreclosures, Short Sales
Class 4: Tax Liens and Tax Sales
Class 5: New Construction, Flipping
Class 5: Landlording
Class 6: Commercial (including Apartments)
Class 7: Private Lending
Class 8: Creative Financing (ex: Lease Options, Subject 2), Note Buying, Deal Making


Note: You can buy MP3s and MP4s of the 2016 Real Estate Investing 101, which covers the same material in 6 lessons but is geared more toward the DC-MD-VA area


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