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Have you ever thought “If I can just get through this next…..” performance, trip, meeting at work…. then a break is just around the corner? But then things get MORE busy? 

In my case it was graduation. I just KNEW as soon as my oldest graduated life would calm down for a bit. 

NOPE not at all! 

Now we’re in the throes of summer, juggling moving one kid across college and booking summer camps and activities for the little one, working my business from home with 3 needy guys underfoot… and let’s not forget some time on the calendar for mom and dad. Actually, that’s the FIRST thing to go. 

Mom & Dad time? Self-care time? What’s that? I’m barely keeping afloat!

This is why, when Mr. Man invited us to come on his work trip next week, I was like, “NO WAY! I HAVE NO TIME!”

It will be 2 days of limited connectivity. The entire time, other than the afternoon Mr. Man actually works, will be spent with my family

2 days of productivity lost. 

2 days of riding the “what do you want to eat” merry-go-round where no one wants to pick a place but they don’t like my suggestions either. 

2 days I could be reading, or closing deals, or building my business, or shopping on my own without any distractions or any, “mom, mom, mom”

If I sound a little bit like a jerk right now, I’ll own it: I was totally in my “tired of doing everything for everyone else, I want to do for ME” mode

But then I saw the crumpled look on his face and realized I needed to make the time

You see, it’s when you’re completely stressed and have no time that you REALLY need to take a pause. In this case,

Because these are the moments when family bonds are made. That the kids get off their devices and play on the beach. That just the act of me putting up the computer and focusing on their little faces (and later on focusing on Mr. Man) glues our family together in ways that help us weather the storms of life.

Parenting expert Carol Muleta says that, “with technology constantly evolving, it’s crucial to navigate it wisely for our kids’ well-being and development.”

Here are some tips to help you beat the stress of summer:

1. Build in non-electric time. And non-electric time doesn’t mean amusement parks where they are highly stimulated. Places like Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose or even the park with some friends. They’ll complain, but then they’ll start to have fun. You can discreetly take calls and such while they’re running around

2. Schedule time with your partner. The best thing you can give your kids are happy, confident, and content parents. It may not “feel” romantic, but putting some “us time” on the calendar makes sure you don’t overlook this important time because you’re so busy tending to the urgent sctuff of life

3. Plan your spending BEFORE you get your paycheck or other money in hand. If you’d like help creating a steady spend plan (for money you know is coming in regularly) or a Crazy Spend Plan (for variable money like tips and commissions) click HERE to join our Mom’s Money Workshop every 1st Tuesday at 11am Central. 

4. Consider creating an “In Real Life” scrapbook. Photos on our phones are great, but Cathi Nelson, adoptive parent and founder of The Photo Managers says that photos can actually increase a child’s self-esteem when captured and preserved correctly. If you, like me, went through one of those scrapbook phases where you bought all the things and cluttered up your house for months, don’t worry! This can be a simple hour activity WITH your kids. It doesn’t have to be special and time-consuming but you might find it more special and relaxing than you think



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