Hi everyone! This has absolutely NOTHING to do with financial planning or self-lade.  Well, there are some stories of making it as a broke single mom (smile).  I’m really excited about this book and 100% of the proceeds goes toward funding the single’s events we’ve been sponsoring over the years. Please buy and give me Amazon reviews! Thanks!


Life as a single military mom was tough! So was dating as a “single again” minister with little previous dating experience! Motivated by a painful and public breakup, JJ decided to make one summer her “Summer of Love,” determined to say “yes” to every man who asked her out on a date. Through an online dating profile, she was contacted by over 300 men over a 4 month period of time. JJ went out with 24 of them for a total of 49 dates (up to 4 in one week!). Most men ran when they learned of JJ’s military career, her ministry and her financial side business, however, quite a few were very honest about why things didn’t work out (when asked). She describes 40 of those dates here with dating lessons she learned along the way. The best part of the story? In the process, JJ met the love of her life and is now happily married!



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