While shopping we came across this gamer pillow that my son really liked. I refuse to buy it for him.


Because words matter!

Words matter, and I don’t want him to look at those negative words several times a day (his stuffed toys are the last thing he sees before he goes to sleep first thing he sees when he wakes up)

“GAME OVER” speaks to failure

If the pillow said something like “WINNER!” or “BEST GAMER EVER” or something positive, I might have considered it

Even if his little mind doesn’t think anything of it, subconsciously the message that’s being burned into his psyche is, “loser,” “can’t win,” “game over, dude”

As an imperfect parent, there’s enough anxiety, criticism, and sometimes (far too) high expectations that I impart to my son. I don’t need to add any other negativity for him to have to get over later

I challenge you to take inventory.

What books, shows, music, maybe even people, have you allowed into your life that are constantly sending a negative message? What have you in your life that is constantly feeding your subconscious feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness? What images do you see every day that speak to failure or poverty?

If you find any, humor me by removing them from your life for a month and watch your productivity, mood, and profit increase!

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